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High performance wet and slippery product handling with food grade fingers
GENTLE grippers can handle easily fresh or frozen red meat, fish and poultry. Meat fish and poultry items often have nonstandard shapes and sizes. Coupled with their wet surface properties, these items pose a real challenge for mechanical and vacuum grippers.  Mis-picks or in-movement drops not only reduce the line efficiency but also cause a big  mess on the plant floor potentially harboring hazardous bacteria and requiring frequent clean-ups.
Fish Handling
Benefits of Gentle include:
  • No damage to the product
  • Food grade fingers
  • Easy handling for nonstandard shapes and sizes
  • High performance handling for wet and slippery products
  • Less mis-pick or in-movement drop which means less product waste, less cleaning cost and cleaner environment
  • No human touch
  • Washable & Waterproof
  • Compatible with all cobots
It is the first fully electrical soft gripper (with force feedback option) in the market.
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