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Ubiros Gentle Halloween Action
Gentle pick up various candy items in a spooky house. No broccoli was harmed in the making of this film (physically).
Gentle picks the most delicate bakery items safely, even meringues.
Croissant Packing
Ubiros Gentle's gentle pick is shown in a closeup view. See how the fingers curl around the croissant.
Pick & Place Mushrooms - Confirmed Automation Systems
Confirmed Automation Systems is testing a Ubiros 6 axis robot with a Gentle Duo (soft gripper) EOAT (End of arm tool) on dummy mushrooms to pick and place into tills.
Gentle Arranging Flowers @ Automate 2019
Gentle's soft fingers won't bruise even the most delicate items. We successfully arranged roses and gave away at Automate 2019 thank to our customer FloraBot.
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